Our Curriculum


Claymation excites kids in the movie-making process by giving them full control to create the story, make their characters, and design the movie sets.


It starts with the imagination of the children. They become the story tellers. Storytelling is, after all, a principle motivation for art making. They take ownership in the process and are filled with excitement which keeps them engaged. We encourage free thinking, collaboration, curiosity and positivity.


Claymation incites the interest and the enthusiasm of the children with the possibility of creating their own movie. This interest and enthusiasm awakens a constructive energy . Claymation becomes a catalyst for physical and mental design to happen.


Is all about process. It begins with the curiosity of how something works. We encourage them to solve problems on their own. This hands on learning leads them to improvements and innovations.


We bring to the class, a variety of materials. The kids are open to select any they would like. From the ordinary like straws or blocks to found objects in nature like rocks or shells, we encourage the making process.


Creating their character, designing & making the movie sets and understanding how things move requires the skills of an engineer, a mathematician, and an artist.


Introduction of weight, scale, timing, fractions in film-making.


Understanding gravity, balance, strength of materials.


Learning the basic concepts of audio/video recording, editing and music/sound effect placement.



“….Julian really enjoyed Claymation. We were not sure how she was going to do in it but once we got the final DVD we must’ve watched as a family over a dozen times and she hasn’t stopped laughing yet. Sounds to me like that was great teambuilding and energy for the kids to complete this project“
Jeff and Julian…Miami, FL

“We’re already missing your wonderful classes!… Claymation is a unique program that integrates different areas such as art, technology and storytelling. This program was a different challenge for the children. It stimulated multiple skills, creativity, teamwork, and the ability to develop a project from inception to final product“
Gaby and Julia…Miami, FL

“…Here we miss you a lot! You are not only a great teacher for the kids but also an excellent person, always with a smile and very kind and lovely with our kids!
Tommy really misses your Claymation class! It was an excellent space for the kids to develop their creativity, manual skills, and team work.
The movies you created with all the characters that you and the kids made throughout the year are his pride! And he shows it to every family member! 🙂 ♡
Thank you Ms. Claudia for all the good moments you gave to our kids!!!
We hope all the best for you and your family“
Rafaela and Tommy…Miami,FL