With a degree in Industrial Design, fifteen years in fine arts and a passion for teaching children, Claudia has spent the last 4 years instructing kids in the art of Claymation moviemaking. Her years as a 3D modeler/animator along with her background teaching children combined her two passions to create a program that engages the minds of the young in an entertaining way while teaching the fundamentals of STEAM curriculum. (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (A)rts, and (M)ath

“I had a powerful project in my hands. The kids were on a mission to complete the movie and everything about making the movie was interesting to them. When they saw their movie clips for the first time, they had an A-HA moment. It was magical for them.”

While developing her class, Claudia soon realized the many concepts her students naturally learned during the process.

“So many educational standards were being taught and learned in a setting the kids thought more as play than education.”

She has directed Claymation classes, workshops, and camps around the Atlanta metro area for the last 2 years. From local elementary schools to MODA-Museum of Design Atlanta to the Center for Puppetry Arts, Claudia is touching the lives of children at various levels.


Richard is a 30 year professional in the commercial film, television and sports industry. He has a Bachelor Arts degree from the distinguished School of Broadcasting, University of Florida. He is a results-driven professional whose greatest strengths are in the organization and execution of video projects and live events. As recent Atlanta area residents, Richard and his wife Claudia are bringing their love of claymation storytelling to their new community. In his free-time Richard enjoys watching sports of all kinds and tinkering in the garage.